Specialized Medical Software

It is specifically developed medical software to administer and manage the clinical history of patients and their visits to the health center.

It is designed to handle: a) Record patient, b) Scanning of documents, c) Registration of electronic signatures, d) Deductibles studies, e) Registration and waiver of payments, f) Historical notes, g) Process flows as type of analytical, h) Sending results by email, i) Transcript of studies and, j) Generation of preliminary reports.


Discover the features that have the application

Graphic dashboard for different information group

Management workgroup of radiologists

Parameterized allocation studies workgroup of Radiologists

Generating multiple reports to preliminary studies

Transcript of studies

Generation of final reports of the studies

Scanning and uploading documents assigned to studies

Categorization of documents

Open studies in visualizer Oviyam

Generate file to open Osirix

Consultation completed studies (Ref MD)

Display Historical studies conducted in patients

Management notes to studies by radiologists

Define interfaces with other applications (Application Entity)

Transfer studies to other PACs

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VirtuaMed is a trading company focused and specialized software in the areas of:

* Technology           * Administration          *Medicine and         *Radiology

We are a pioneer in e-Health, as we combine the advantages offered by the Information Technology and Communication with the important health sector, achieving lend their services to health professionals to improve the quality of care.